I want to work with animals


Feb 10, 2020 | Resumes | Raanana / Sharon
I want to work with animals

Shalom, I am living in Ra'anana and own 2 dogs and a cat but want to work either full-time or part-time with animals so I can earn some money. My intention is to make a full-time career in the future but, for now, I will be happy to work in a vet surgery or pet shop or similar ideally in the Ra'aanan area.

If anyone knows of something please let me know. 
Volunteering is a possbility.

I will provide all my personal details when as and when required. In the meantime I am 20 years old, very committed and motivated, speak fluent Hebrew, bagrut, have transport, energetic and a damn good dog trainer! 


Limor Goldman
054 2344760