Revive Your Soul Yom Kippur Retreat in Beautiful Bat Ayin


Revive Your Soul Yom Kippur Retreat in Beautiful Bat Ayin
Physical 24/09/2023 25/10/2023 Starts 12:00 Ends 21:00 300 NIS [email protected] 02-993-4945
Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin, 1 Yeffe Nof Bat Ayin

Does Yom Kippur feel heavy for you at times? Did you know that Yom Kippur is the happiest day of the year, when women dressed in white would dance in the vineyards? Replace hunger pangs with heartfelt tefilah and drawing near to Hashem! Experience the joy of teshuva as you pray, meditate and dance with spiritual sisters, coming together in true unity. Spend Yom Kippur in Bat Ayin and elevate yourself through the highest most heartfelt tefilah!

Discover the deepest insights about the holiest day of the year

Prepare yourself for Yom Kippur during the Seudah Hamafseket (Pre-Yom Kippur Meal)

Revive Your Soul when you experience Bat Ayin’s highest Tefilah!

Gain insights into Yom Kippur and sing from your heart at our Yom Kippur Women’s Tefilah Circle!

Break the fast as a group in Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin and share your Yom Kippur experience with likeminded souls!

Draw closer to Hashem with your holy sisters as we delve into the beautiful depths of this highest holiest time!


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