Don't miss this special performance coming to Ra'anana next week


Don't miss this special performance coming to Ra'anana next week
Physical 30/03/2022 30/03/2022 Starts 19:30 Ends 21:30 90 NIS

Don’t miss this performance – coming to Ra’anana (Center Stage Theater) on March 30 at 7:30pm! Only 10 tickets remaining!

The performance will be followed by an interview with Rabbi Stewart Weiss.

Theater and Theology presents The Blessing of a Broken Heart, a play by Todd Salovey, based on the book by Sherri Mandell about the murder of her son Koby Mandell during the Second Intifada. Produced in cooperation with the Koby Mandell Foundation.

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Sherri Mandell wrote an inspiring book about her search for meaning after her son Koby’s murder by terrorists. Todd Salovey’s play sensitively, entertainingly, and even humorously animates her successful journey to resilience. A post-show talk with Rabbi Stewart Weiss, himself the bereaved father of a soldier killed during the Second Intifada and a friend of the Mandells’, will focus on a parent’s spiritual and religious questions and journey after a child’s death, and the ways in which he has found satisfaction and joy.

“Riveting…sensitive…poignant…an artistic achievement.” Assaf Berznitsky, Producer, Khan Repertory Company.

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