Improve Emotional Ties with Your Young Child


Improve Emotional Ties with Your Young Child
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The bond a mother creates with her child is crucial to a child’s emotional well-being. I am organizing small groups of mothers and children, ages 18 months to preschoolers, to do art together in order to strengthen the emotional tie between mother and child. The groups will consist of three mother-child duos and the children will be in a similar age-bracket.

I’m looking for a mother who would be willing to host a group in exchange for 50% off the price of the group. We’ll need a table and six chairs, in a comfortable environment where mothers and children can create together and possibly be messy. I’ll bring the materials.

Marsha Rosner Caplan is an art therapist, mother and grandmother with extensive experience working with adults and children. For more information and to register, please phone 054-431-9089