Running with the Pack dog obedience and discipline


Running with the Pack dog obedience and discipline

Proudly presenting Dog Obedience Camp, another top quality service from Best In Breed Doggy Day Camp featuring

"The Pack Experience"

Do you have a nervous or aggressive dog, or a dog that barks all the time? Does this make it hard to meet other dogs or to enjoy dog parks? Does your dog practically pull your arm from its socket on walks? Does your dog claim furniture or people?
If you feel your life and relationship with your dog can be improved by getting the following under control:
incessant barking, nervousness and shaking, aggression to people or dogs, excessive domination, arm pulling, poor eating habits, too little exercise, or any other bad canine habits then we can help.

Your dog can be part of a pack of balanced, well adjusted dogs that will help teach your dog proper behavior for a dog living in a humans world. The pack is properly supervised and guided by an experienced pack leader so your dog can feel comfortable that someone is in control while properly learning rules, boundaries, and limitations.

Camp runs all week with no minimum amount of days
Call to register today, you dog will thank you