Annatel US - English-Speaking Phone Company in Israel!


Annatel US - English-Speaking Phone Company in Israel!
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Yad Harutzim 16, Talpiot

Sick of struggling to get through to Israeli phone companies? Annatel US is the ultimate Israel cellphone plan that offers you:

  • ·USA/ Canadian Virtual Number and Caller ID
  • ·Unlimited Calls & SMS in Israel
  • ·Unlimited Calls to the USA/Canada
  • ·Unlimited Calls to land lines in 30 other countries
  • ·6GB or 20GB Data Package options

Annatel US is not a new telecoms company in Israel – we have thousands of satisfied French subscribers who rely on Annatel to give them excellent telephone and internet services and – most importantly – to speak to them in their own language. We are now offering telephone and internet services to American and Canadian Olim in Israel – in fact, to anyone who calls the USA or Canada or other countries on a regular basis and who would benefit from an American or Canadian Virtual Number with Caller ID.

What is a Virtual Number?

We can provide you with a genuine USA or Canadian phone number with localized area code that you can use from your Israeli cellphone. When you call someone, or when they call you from overseas, they will see your virtual number and not your Israeli number. This has many benefits for people who are running businesses from Israel or who need to contact banks or government offices without appearing to call from overseas. Many people don’t pick up the phone if they see a number they don’t recognize, and a virtual number with caller ID will get around this problem too. You may also be exempt from certain premium call charges if you appear to be calling from a USA/Canadian number.

What Does Annatel Offer?

Annatel offers a competitive package of unlimited calls to Israeli, US and Canadian numbers, unlimited calls to land lines in 30 additional countries, unlimited data usage, and unlimited SMS and MMS messages (inside Israel). There are no charges for incoming calls, and there is no minimum commitment when you sign up with Annatel. Our website is in English with everything clearly explained, and we have English-speaking sales and customer support staff standing by to assist you.

The monthly fee for the Unlimited Plan with 6GB data is 99₪ and there are no hidden fees or penalties if you choose to terminate your plan. Our one-time 99₪ activation fee includes the cost of shipping your combined SIM card to an Israeli address and and porting over your current Israeli cellphone number to Annatel. This fee also covers the cost of setting up your USA or Canadian Virtual Number with your choice of area codes.

Annatel also offers kosher phone lines, home land lines, internet packages, and  prepaid SIM cards for visitors to Israel, and family cellphone packages - you can find full details on our website:

  For more information visit or email [email protected]