Fluent Hebrew within a Short Time - Focus on Fast Progress


Fluent Hebrew within a Short Time - Focus on Fast Progress
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I have been teaching Hebrew full-time for 15 years.

My personal goal is to yield very fast results.

My students can hold a conversation within 30-40 hours since my technique is completely different
from those of other teachers or Ulpan.

I have a lot of experience with beginners. The focus is on conversation and you will be putting sentences together as in a real life conversation within a few hours of Hebrew.

I also have a lot of advanced students with whom I converse about their life and mine.
We practice translating various types of sentences from English to Hebrew to gain the ability, the speed and the self-confidence so that you can manage in various situations on your own. 

I teach weekdays as well as weekends and offer a discounted package for motivated students who wish to bring their Hebrew to a new level within a few months.

Just a little example of my technique and the fast results:
Recently I have been working with a couple from Austria who could not converse at all. After approximately 30 hours of Hebrew, we talk about their life, about their two sons and their work. It is so amazing for me to witness.
I can also refer you to another lovely student of mine who now speaks Hebrew fluently and reads 'Haaretz' newspaper in Hebrew.

I look forward to hearing you speak better by the end of our first session.