Monkey's Melody Music and Movement Classes


Monkey's Melody Music and Movement Classes

My name is Hester, I am a qualified yearly years practitioner from the uk. I am providing session Gans in and around Tel Aviv. Here is little about it all.

Monkeys Melody Music and Movement sessions are held purely in English and specifically work on language development via fun, stimulative sessions. My teaching method is strongly based upon active learning and I believe there is no better why to learn a language than when within a relaxed environment..

"Come and join in, we sing action songs and nursery rhymes, we dance to music, and provoke our musical intuition. We learn new vocabulary with puppet play and sensory items

But most importantly we have lots of fun". 

Linking Yearly Childhood stages  

Cognitive Development:- 

*Problem solving, Trail and error in creating intended or unintended  sounds and forming patterned movements. 

Language & Communication:-

*Absorbing the musical pattern in words, repetition of songs. Mimicking oral positioning in which required to form sounds. 

Physical Development:-

*Utilising the space and exercising fine and gross motor skills through actions and balancing

Social Development:-

* Being apart of a social environment, exploring along side/with other children and adults In the class

Creative Development:- 

*Expressing natural flowing emotions, fusing rhythms with sensory experiences

Knowledge and understand of the world:- 

*Connecting language with sounds and songs from the United Kingdom. Exposure to a multicultural, free and non bias environment 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!