"Fine & Divine" hair accessories; more

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"Fine & Divine" hair accessories; more

Costumized Hair Accessories for any occasion.

You name it- we create it !!!

Lace Shaitel hair Bands

Beanie crochet knitted hats for babies

Women crochet hats with applique'

Flower Bow Pins

Baby gift packages

Sesame Street baby Gifts

Large selection of "Cheries NY" headbands for all ages, 

Bat Mitzva & Bridal Hair Accessories

and more...


Clients Satisfaction

joshua eidelshtein
Sheek and comfy
10 years ago

My wife bought a really cool hat ,that she wears almost every day, at an awesome price.<br /><br /> Truth is we don't do a lot of our clothes shopping in Israel but we always check out what Fine and Divine has to offer because their sense of style and quality is always high!<br /> They also have a really cute and stylish array of baby and toddler accesories.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Highly recommended for Men who are looking to buy their wife a gift!