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Jocelyn Mojzes, MLA

052-323-6053 [email protected]

Residential garden design and implementation by Jocelyn Mojzes, Master of Landscape Architecture

Jocelyn has been designing gardens since 1985 and has graduated with a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture in 1992.

" Most of what I know comes from years of experience in the field. There is no doubt about it that taking on a garden project is an act of faith in people and the knowledge that one has gained through experience. After so many years, I can truly assert that the long term success depends on good will more than anything else. I have been blessed to have been entrusted to lead so many wonderful projects in the past and I look forward to doing more in the future.
Here are some of the services I offer. You can read more on LinkedIN. This website is centered around residential landscape design.

-Private residential and community design-Project supervision.
-Exterior Renovation private (Large/small scale) to suit any style of architecture.
-The marrying of houses/buildings to the site with hospitable approaches to entrances
-Spaces for recreation, sports/entertaining
-urban planning/design
-organic + edible garden expert
-interior space design/public and private
-accessible, universal design, theme gardens, restoration/conservation

Visit the website to view photographs of some of my past work. I hope that they show you that by making a garden, you are doing something very important for yourself, your family and friends, and for all the world."

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