Bein Hazmanim Apt rental in Har Nof

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Bein Hazmanim Apt rental in Har Nof
800 NIS 5 Rooms
Floor 1 Owner [email protected]
Agassi 8 Apt.12 Jerusalem

Bright and airy five-room apartment (flat) on first floor in a quiet building, with central air, elevator (lift), with lovely view in a great location in Har Nof (Shlav Beis). It has 4 bedrooms to accommodate 7 people and up to 2 babies, and also has two balconies – one with BBQ and one with a swimming pool (2.21 m X 1.5 m).

Very close to batei midrashim and shuls (Kehillas Bnei Torah and Chasedi Naftali – both nusach Ashkenaz), (Yochave Daas – nusach Sephardi), as well as to parks, local shops and buses.

The apartment is available in Bain Hazemanim for up to 12 days immediately after Tisha B’Av – specifically from August 10 – 22.

Reduced rate if you take for a week.