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ENGLISH WORKSHOP! Learn to speak & write like a NATIVE!

050-7090649 [email protected]
Derech Beit Lehem 37/2

What is the Speaking First Curriculum? There is no course book. The Speaking First curriculum is a curriculum designed to focus on speaking and fluency while building phonemic awareness and preparing students for study in a course book. The principle behind the curriculum is to get students to a level of understanding and high competence in English before they are introduced to it in a written form and before they receive grammar explanation. In that way, the students can already use the English but are just trying to understand the mechanics behind the language when they receive grammar instruction. What are the advantages to this? - structure and writing time is not needed.  Students can focus on meaning and speaking. Via different games and speaking activities, students can practice the language 4-5 times faster than writing exercises. - later when students enter a course book, students will be focused on structure as they already understand the meaning. --

Speak First has several levels geared to no more than 7 students at one time.

Private classes are also available!

Please contact me for enrollment and be ready to have FUN as we Speak First! 

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Kathy Klein

Derech Beit Lehem 37/2  Baka


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