Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo - Yosef's Remarkable Revenge


Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo - Yosef's Remarkable Revenge

When Yosef encounters his brothers in Egypt, the full force of their history and his sale into slavery is brought to the fore. How is Yosef able to move past this terrible history and forgive his brothers, choosing not to take revenge? What is he doing when he toys with them over Binyamin?

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo’s essay for Parashat Vayigash offers an original interpretation of the entire account of Yosef and his brothers, and introduces the concept of ‘vengeful healing.’ Read this article to learn from Yosef how the desire for revenge need not be suppressed, but in fact can be healing for both the victim and the perpetrator! Then, it is no longer vengeance but “vengeful healing”.

Read Rabbi Cardozo's essay here: https://www.cardozoacademy.org/thoughtstoponder/parashat-vayigash-yosefs-remarkable-revenge/

**Look out for Rabbi Cardozo’s new book on Shemot - Exodus, another volume in the "Cardozo on the Parashah" series, which includes more essays on the weekly Torah portion, to be released next month!**

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