SupplyCenter - Your DIY & Hardware Store


SupplyCenter - Your DIY & Hardware Store

SupplyCenter was established in 2005 and specializes in “DO IT YOURSELF” products in construction, renovation, and household management for the private and public sector.  As well, many other products in building supplies, paint, bath & sink sanitary, tools, electrical appliances, plumbing, gardening, and fencing departments.

Want to renovate your house?

Here’s a small tip from us – after you choose a contractor whom you trust, ask him which products he will need for the construction and come to our store to buy all the products- to save a lot on the commission which the contractor takes for buying the products.  We are committed to great prices and professional service.

In our home renovation department, you can find – drywall, blocks, sand, cement, silicon, ceramic glue, and sealing materials.

Want to paint your house?

With us you can find a large selection of high-quality paints and painting tools from the best brands. You can find - Paints for walls, wood, metals, oil paints, colored paints and more..

Want to nurture your garden?

In the gardening department you can find a large variety of garden solution and equipment, for example synthetic grass, watering pipes and solutions, pot plants, earth, manual and electric gardening tools.

In Bath and faucet department you can find -
Hamat faucets and more, custom ordered showers from a catalog, toilets, and many more products for toilet and bath.

In any case we provide you with everything you need for renewing, renovating, and maintaining your home.

We are here to serve our customers.

- Your DIY and Hardware Store SupplyCenter

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Clients Satisfaction

2 years ago

I bought paint for the house at a cheap price. The sellers are nice and the service is excellent.

2 years ago

They have a department of gardening and paint with excellent prices. I got great service

Very good service and prices
2 years ago

I bought synthetic grass at a great price .. I highly recommend this store. There is everything