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Milton - Experience Harmony in the Kitchen

02-6735146 [email protected]
Yad Harutzim 15, Talpiot

Designing a new kitchen?
Milton presents the perfect collection of products to create harmony in the kitchen.

Milton was founded in 1980 by Mr. Shmuel (Sami) Cohen in Jerusalem and is engaged in marketing high-quality electrical appliances for the kitchen and home.
In 2014, Milton's new and luxurious showroom, run by the family, was opened, where you can see the best selection of products in the most impressive designs.
Alongside the range of premium products, standing are skilled salespeople, graduates of academic degrees, who are qualified to answer any question, demand or request.
The personal service, professional experience and luxurious reputation serve as the cornerstones for establishing the company as the leading showroom in Jerusalem and one of the most prominent in the entire industry. In light of this, it is no wonder that today Milton is a role model for the electricity industry as a whole with professionalism, service and reliability as you can get only in a family.
Welcome to the Milton family.

Experience of product
In Milton you will find a wide range of quality products from the best brands which enables us to provide a solution for any design and functional requirements. All products are carefully checked by professionals with rich technical knowledge to make sure that when you buy at Milton, you buy quality!

Experience of service
Here at Milton we have professional salesmen with a comprehensive knowledge of the features Product to suit you the right product for you.
The professionals in Milton undergo regular and updated training In all models and innovations available in the market. 
Throughout the purchase stages, you will be accompanied with pleasant and caring salespeople that attentive to every issue which arises during and after the purchase.

Experience of shopping
The successful combination of high-quality appliances and outstanding service ensures a shopping experience worthwhile and pleasant. 
We work to fully accompany you from the purchase stage through to final installation at your home. 
Here you will enjoy full service including:
Choosing the products that best suit your requirements and according to the required budget.
Supply of drawings and kitchen size plans and ongoing work with the kitchen / carpenter.
The possibility of storing the products for you and coordinating the supply according to your demand and at the time convenient to you.
Making deliveries of all products in a concentrated manner by leading professionals without having to wait many days at home for movers to arrive at different times.
Installation of the products and training in their initial operation at your home.
Even after the purchase and installation, we are available to you at any professional question or technical operation of the products or maintenance of the current.   
Contact us and we will help you the best way possible.
Milton's full support during the purchase ensures a pleasant and quality shopping experience which leaves a good taste and relieves the stress and bother that usually accompanies a new kitchen.
With Milton everything is better. 


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