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TreeHugger - Jerusalem Tree Surgeon

050-3405060 [email protected]
Bodenhaymer 4 Jerusalem

TreeHugger is a Jerusalem based tree surgery service. 
We serve residential gardens and properties at the greater Jerusalem area.
Trees need to be serviced to insure safety, healthy growth and aesthetics.

Assuring our customers peace of mind, we are state certified & insured  for work at heights.

Our team is qualified for diverse tree treatment needs, starting at simple tree pruning and extending to complex monitored tree felling.

No tree or garden are alike, and in order for us to understand the job to be done we must arrive at your garden and have a look at your trees. 
We do it free of charge, and we're confident that you'll have a good work experience with us. 

So either you have a tree reaching out to the street or to a grid cable, or you need just thinning to have your garden's sunlight back, feel free to contact us and set a no-obligation assessment for your garden.


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