Marriage Relationship Therapist / Counselor


Marriage Relationship Therapist / Counselor
058-788-9880 [email protected]

 Chaya S. Bekermus, LMSW is one of the most highly successful Marriage Counselors/Therapists in Jerusalem. Working with singles or couples to help restore their marriage or relationships, Chaya opened up her own company called Peaceful Love Project*. 

She uniquely saves relationships working from the Self-outward. 

Chaya specializes in Codependency/Addiction, Losses/Trauma, Anxiety/Depreession.

She also trained extensively and works as an intuitive Healer for Massage Therapy (Women Only). 

To find out more, or to book a Therapy Session:

Contact: 058-788-9880 or email [email protected]

*There is a company page on Facebook, "Peaceful Love Project" or for massage, "PLP Massage Therapy".