DogMen - The Best Dog Walking Company In TA


DogMen - The Best Dog Walking Company In TA

Do you work long hours? Are you going away for the weekend? Can't walk your dog without him or her pulling? With DogMen, we can solve all your problems. We don't just offer a walking service, but instead offer a walking experience. 

We look after your dog as if it is our own and offer them the exercise they need along with behavioral training while they walk. All of our trained professionals are graduates of well known training schools or the Oketz Canine Military Unit so rest assure your precious baby will be in the best hands. 

Don't just need a walk? We offer many additional premium services such as:
1) DogMen Runs
2) DogMen Vet (no time to bring your dog to the vet, we can take them for you!)
3) DogMen Spa (schedule the appointment and we'll be sure to pick up your dog and return him to you fresh and clean)
4) DogMen Sit (for those of you going away and want to have an in home companion for your dog)
5) DogMen Obedience training (for those of you who want one-on-one training for specific issues)

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