Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality: Updates for residents due to the security situation


Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality: Updates for residents due to the security situation

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is working and prepared to protect and assist all residents of the city, and is constantly holding situational assessments with all municipal units and Home Front Command.

The municipality requests that residents be aware of this necessary information and act in accordance with instructions:

* There are 250 municipal shelters open and ready to absorb residents. As long as no explicit instruction has been received or a siren has been sounded, do not remain in shelters.

* Public shelters and underground parking lots, which have been approved by the municipality as protective spaces, are spread across the city to enable residents to take cover if necessary - in addition to shelters in private homes. To find your nearest shelter, click here:

* The municipal call center is available for all needs and questions. Residents experiencing emotional distress or require welfare services can call the 106 Plus call center (*9106).

* We request that residents remain calm, listen to Home Front Command instructions, remain at home and close to protective spaces.

* When hearing a siren or explosion, enter the protective space, sit on the floor, below window level, close to the wall, and not opposite the window.

* Individuals located outside must enter a nearby building or shelter. In open areas, lie down on the floor and protect your head with your hands.

* Leave building entrances open to assist those trying to enter and seek shelter.

* The Tel Aviv-Yafo education system is operating in accordance with Home Front Command instructions, and is closed today for all age groups.

* A hotline has been opened by the psychological support service, offering children advice by telephone, Zoom, WhatsApp or email.

* Shavuot holiday events and activities in community centers and country clubs will not take place until, and including, Sunday.

As part of the municipality's efforts to assist residents, parking at municipal parking lots is available for a reduced price of NIS 6 per day for city residents and their guests. The reduced price is in effect until Home Front Command ends the current state of emergency. A list of parking lots can be found here (Hebrew):

More security and emergency details can be found on the municipal website:


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