One Area Where We Should be Machmir This Pesach


Mar 31, 2020 | News | Jerusalem & Area
One Area Where We Should be Machmir This Pesach

As we prepare for Pesach this year, unusual circumstances call for unusual measures. We have heard from our leaders that due to the conditions we face, there are kulos, leniencies, that need to be considered. However, there is one area that makes this year stand out in chumrah, stringency, more than ever. That area is in concern for the welfare of others. People are giving up the joy, Nachas and even V’higadeta lebincha in the fullest sense. It should not be viewed as a loss, but rather may it be a zechus.

The Chafetz Chaim cites the words “Nachisa bechasdecha am zu ga’alta, With Chessed You led the people You redeemed.” The chessed that Klal Yisrael demonstrated towards each other in Mitzrayim, evoked Chessed Above, leading to our Geulah. He also cites Tanna D’vei Eliyahu who explained that in Mitzrayim, Klal Yisrael made a Bris, a covenant, that they would do Chessed with each other. In Mitzrayim, they made the Bris when they sat together. This year, we make the Bris while apart, to be apart. In many ways, that can be much more difficult, which then can reflect, an opportunity for an even greater degree of zechus.