The new B-5 investment visa for US citizens


The new B-5 investment visa for US citizens

As of May 1, 2019, Israel has implemented it's first investment visa program. For the first time in Israel's history, US citizens who are not entitled to Aliyah based on the Law of Return can acquire peramenent status in Israel based on an investment in an Israeli business.

Each investor will have to provide a detailed investment plan, convincing the relevant committee that the investment will contribute to the Israeli economy. The visa requires acquiring at least 50% of the ownership in an active business enterprise that employs a number of Israeli citizens.

Once the visa is granted, the investor and their family (spouses and minor children) can move to Israel and reside here while the buisiness is active. Foreign senior managers and skilled employees, who also have to be US citizens and who must demonstrate their expertise is required for the enterprise, can also bring their family members to Israel.

The B-5 visa is part of a mutual arrangement with the US, allowing Israeli citizen to obtain the E-2 investment visa.

Now that the precedent is set, it is possible that a similar visa program will be implemented for other treaty countries.


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