Digital Marketing Specialist


Digital Marketing Specialist
Part Time, Full Time, Work from home
Work from home


- Assist small businesses in implementing effective Google PPC and Facebook advertising strategies.

- Optimize Google campaigns and think strategically to enhance overall campaign performance.

- Oversee SEO efforts by collaborating with external resources.

- Manage digital marketing campaigns, utilizing tools such as Google Analytics and GA4.

- Demonstrate proficiency in web design, including editing landing pages and implementing tracking codes.


- Proven expertise in Google PPC and Facebook advertising. (Required)

- Strategic thinking to optimize and enhance campaign performance. (Required)

- Experience with SEO strategies and outsourcing collaboration. (A plus)

- Proficiency in digital marketing tools, including Google Analytics and GA4. (Required)

- Web design skills, including the ability to edit landing pages and implement tracking codes. (A plus)

- Strong organizational and communication skills.

- 2-3 years of hands-on experience in a similar role. (Required)

Work from home

35-40 weekly hours, flex overlapping with US working hours

Apply online!/51d8ecdf-6091-4d0b-a5ad-ceeea5850569/detail or email [email protected]


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