“Think Good, Think G-d” like-minded Peer Group


“Think Good, Think G-d” like-minded Peer Group

  • Do you affiliate with or appreciate some aspects of Hassidut/Breslov ideology, in particular, hitbodedut, or the concept of meditative conversation with Hashem and developing stronger emuna?
  • Is “think good and it will be good” something that you try to live by? Is the “law of attraction” an important principle to you, so that you give much regard to having control over your thoughts, and at those times when you can’t, at least are working on preventing unproductive thought processes from becoming spoken?
  • Do you consider yourself to be an empath or HSP (highly sensitive person)?
  • Do you put a high value on intuition and creativity and have more of a “right brain” leaning?
  • Do you tend to be more of an introvert than extrovert, often preferring solitude over socializing?

If you feel resonance in reviewing these questions and you may be interested in a pilot for a free like-minded peer group, please be in touch.


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