Marketing Firm Looking for a Creative Thinker


Marketing Firm Looking for a Creative Thinker
Full Time

Marketing Firm Looking for a Creative Thinker

Are you passionately creative, optimistic, and self-motivated?

Do you have creative ideas?

Are you interested in joining a dynamic team and looking to make a difference?

If your answer is YES, then opportunity awaits you!

We are looking for an extraordinary team member to join our growing team.

Who are we?

We are a growing marketing firm looking for a creative project manager to join our team.

This position is open to both designers and non-designers. We are looking for creative thinkers who are able to come up with ideas for ads, websites, social media and other creative materials. If you aren’t a designer, you would work with our team of designers and video editors to bring your ideas to life. If you are a designer, then you can choose to design things yourself or work with our team.

The ideal candidate possesses:

  • A creative mind that’s able to come up with impactful concepts & ideas for marketing materials.
    • Marketing materials consist of two parts – the design and the text. We are looking for someone who is good with design and also with developing the perfect combination of words that should be included in the ad.
  • Understands that often marketing is about creating emotional connections with consumers.
  • Understands how to gear an ad towards a specific target audience.
  • Able to work with our team of designers & video editors to put together amazing marketing materials including:
    • websites
    • ads
    • social media graphics
    • email campaigns
    • videos
    • postcards
    • logos
    • whatever creative materials our clients need to grow!
  • Understands what the right balance of information is – not too much info, but just the right amount.
  • Strong understanding of clean design concepts.
  • Working knowledge of the use of social media for marketing purposes.


- Strong spoken and written English

- Passion for creativity, from conceptual thinking to final output.

- Ability to manage multiple projects at one time to meet deadlines.

- Clear verbal and written communication.

- Self-starter who is a customer-obsessed, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic team player


This is a full-time position with typical working hours from 9 am - 6 pm in EST time zone. When there’s a deadline we may need you to stay a bit longer.


50,000 – 80,000 shekalim per year (based on experience)

If you’re interested, please apply at:


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