Psychologist - Stress Management, Anxiety and PTSD .


Psychologist - Stress Management, Anxiety and PTSD .
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Abramson brings practical psychology and extensive experience to help others cope with stress and anxiety, especially in light of operation Iron Swords.  As an active reserve office in combat units, he brings this expertise to bear, specializing in STRESS MANAGEMENT.

He can treat soldiers and civilians with varying degrees of anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, and advise re recognition as a PTSD victim by the Ministry of Defense.

He is also able to coach for interviews for special units.

His activities include Training, Organizational Development, Sports Psychology, Selection, and Crisis Management. He has conducted a wide range of workshops ranging from Leadership and Team Building, to Coping with Stress, Effective Presentations and Creative Thinking. In recent years he has specialized in Stress Management, and Interpersonal Communication & Body Language.

The author of two books: 'The Combat Psychologist' – Practical and Operational Psychology. And 'Mind over Coronavirus'The Psychology of COVID- 19, Abramson relates to psychology in very high stress situations.

In the IDF, Major Abramson served as both a combatant and a psychologist in Special Forces, including the Navy Seals and Intelligence. In the reserves, he was a member of the Hostage Negotiating Team and Special Forces, and serves operational units presently. He received his MA in psychology from the Hebrew University, and graduated Tel Aviv University's Group Facilitation course. Rocky played rugby for the UBC Old Boys, and for Israel.

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