Medical Billing


Medical Billing
Full Time, Work from home
Work from home

As a Medical Biller you will play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of our medical billing processes. You will be responsible for accurately coding medical procedures, submitting claims to insurance companies, and managing patient billing inquiries. Your expertise in USA medical billing regulations and guidelines will be essential in maximizing revenue for the organization while maintaining compliance.

Key Responsibilities:

Medical Coding: Accurately assign appropriate medical codes (CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS) to medical services, diagnoses, and procedures based on patient records and provider documentation.

Claim Submission: Prepare and submit electronic and paper claims to insurance companies, ensuring all required information and supporting documentation are included for prompt reimbursement.

Claim Follow-Up: Monitor claim statuses, identify and resolve claim rejections, denials, and discrepancies, and proactively follow up with insurance companies to expedite claim processing.

Patient Billing: Generate and send patient invoices, process payments, and assist patients with billing inquiries, payment plans, and insurance-related questions.

Insurance Verification: Verify patients' insurance coverage, eligibility, and benefits to ensure accurate billing and minimize claim rejections.

Compliance: Stay up-to-date with USA medical billing regulations, policies, and coding guidelines (e.g., HIPAA, CMS), and ensure compliance in all billing processes.

Reporting: Prepare and analyze billing reports, including accounts receivable aging reports, to identify trends, discrepancies, and opportunities for improvement.

Documentation: Maintain accurate and organized records of billing activities, including patient accounts, claims, and payment history.

Team Collaboration: Collaborate with healthcare providers, administrative staff, and other team members to resolve billing-related issues and improve overall revenue cycle efficiency.


  • 2 years of previous experience in US medical billing (mandatory)

Remote (from Israel): 30-40 weekly hours

Working hours 4 pm - 12 am Israel time

Apply online!/185878d1-bf0a-4504-9920-f58db7e16b58/detail or email [email protected]


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