Looking for a Psychologist


Looking for a Psychologist
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Central Jerusalem

Hello, it's been over 15 years since posting on this group. I am in a difficult situation with my parents and adult brother. My brother is 50 years old and has never really done much to maintain himself. He's depended on my parents for emotional support and financial help since he was in his late teens. My parents are now still at his beck and call (he's 50) and he still lives with then and when he wants to travel and be abroad for several months at a time, my parents allow him to and pay for all the expenses. This has been going on for 20 years and he has alienated me and my children (my parents grandchildren) by not allowing us (or any one else) to stay and visit my parents. I feel sick and feel like my parents have been emotionally manipulated for so many years, they have lost the plot and don't care about seeing any of us. I'm looking and hoping that there might be a professional out there who can meet with my parents and help them let go of their son (my brother) in a healthy and responsible way. I live in the UK and my parents in Jerusalem. If you can advise or help in any way please be in touch with me via WhatsApp or email. Thanking you, Naavah 


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