Apr 17, 2020 | Community | Info (Info4U) | Beit Shemesh

Added an Omer section to my Shabbat Page - includes link to 2 page OU Omer calendar

Hi Everyone!

More than 1 person has asked me if the Torah Tidbits 
OU Omer calendar PDF is available online.
The link is on my Passover page, but today I added it to a new section for
"Counting the Omer" to my Shabbat page together with additional links:

As a reminder, I have a list of English and Hebrew weekly parsha sheets
including popular PDF's at:

Shabbat Songs and Prayers - including 175 Shabbat songs on Spotify
are located at:

Please share. Thank you!

Stay Safe and Healthy.
Shabbat Shalom,