New Israeli Educational Stamps


New Israeli Educational Stamps

Hi Everyone!

I posted online images of the new Israeli stamps that were

issued in August 2021. Under each stamp is a link to

a Hebrew / English PDF file with information about the stamp.

Festivals 5782 - Kohelet

- The Sun Rises, And The Sun Sets

And Glides Back To Where It Rises

- All Streams Flow Into The Sea,

Yet The Sea Is Never Full;

To The Place From Which They Flow

The Streams Flow Back Again

- One Generation Goes, Another Comes

Observatories In Israel

- Wise Observatory, Mitzpe Ramon

- Ramon Crater International Dark Sky Park

- Givatayim Observatory

- Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim

- Shmuel Yosef Agnon

Joint Issue Israel-Ukraine

30 Years of Diplomatic Relations

ATM Machine Labels

- IDF Home Front Command

Search & Rescue Brigade

- Israel Police Volunteer Rescue Team

The new stamp images are posted at:

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