15 years later: The full IDF operational Gaza expulsion plan


Jul 31, 2020 | News | Jerusalem & Area
15 years later: The full IDF operational Gaza expulsion plan

A March, 2004 draft of the IDF operational plans to expel the Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip caalled "Operation Eshel Tz'chiach", or, "Parched Tamarisk", detailed all military and logistical aspects of the expulsion, including psychological warfare to maximize the shock of surprise and neutralize resident's resistance.

Arutz Sheva is explicitly mentioned in the IDF document as an information outlet necessary to jam, to prevent accurate information from reaching evacuees: "If necessary, the Communications Corps will jam the cellular phone networks in the entire Gaza Strip and nearby area. It is necessary to prevent in any way possible pirate radio broadcasts from the Arutz Sheva ship or similar ones, and to locate immediately illegal transmitters operating throughout Israel and the territories. The appropriate orders for jamming communications of those resisting evacuation and their sympathizers will be handed down to the Communications Ministry and responsible units for electronic warfare in Military Intelligence."

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