CompuTip - Important Zoom Update Deadline J-335


CompuTip - Important Zoom Update Deadline J-335

Still Zooming?


Zoom announced that as of June 1st, users of Zoom version 4 will be prevented from joining Zoom meetings.

Zoom is a work in progress.  It started out as a business-oriented video conferencing program.  But it became the world-wide program of choice for virtual meetings and lessons during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Zoom has been updating its program frequently in order to fix bugs, add features and increase privacy and security. Note that Zoom is free with limitations  -- the free version allows hosting a 40 minute session before it shuts down.

When you open Zoom, it shows the installed version.  The latest version as of May 30th is Version 5.04.  Zoom will usually warn you if you need an update.  Don't ignore the warning - or you may find yourself locked out just when you need to join a meeting.

I was able to "force" Zoom to check for updates by signing in (for free), clicking at the top right of my screen on my account icon, and then clicking on "Check for Updates."
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