Data Analyst 744764


Data Analyst 744764
Full Time
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We are the world’s largest DIY lifestyle community with 21 million members with offices in Jerusalem. You'll get to work with an amazing team that's driven by a desire to grow, support and encourage growth in others, and make great things, together.

Purpose: (“The Why”)

  • Help ensure a data driven culture and help drive growth and innovation across the organization by leveraging data to provide actionable business insights.

Job Description: (“The What”)

  • Work closely with business units and/or product teams to ensure decisions are being made in a data driven way as much as possible
  • Work closely with business units and/or product teams to design, implement and analyze hypothesis tests properly
  • Work with business units, product teams and developers to maintain the integrity of the data and tracking mechanisms
  • Work closely with business units and/or product team leaders to proactively pursue high potential impact lines of inquiry (i.e. research) to use data as a driver of innovation
  • Design (and implement when working in Looker) new tracking specifications
  • Commitment to timely turnaround on assigned tasks

General Expectations: (“Character Traits”)

  • High level of team participation
  • Concern for the success of the efforts pursued
  • Open to feedback - a desire to improve
  • Self driven
  • Interest in learning new skills
  • Integrity
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Agile
  • Ownership
  • Problem solver
  • Commitment to the company’s values, guidelines and policies

Job Specific Requirements

  • 2-4 years of data analysis experience
  • Proficient in SQL
  • Proficient in proper A/B hypothesis testing methodology (conceptual setup, identification of appropriate metrics to test, analysis of results)
  • Working knowledge of Looker (plus)
  • Experience working with Snowflake (plus)

Direct manager: COO

Please send CVs to [email protected]


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