Full Time

We are looking for a controller to work on US hours who can learn to navigate an ERP system (it's an independent accounting system, not something like Netsuite or Quickbooks), able to provide timely clear reporting along with deep analytical skills to explain in summary what the reports say and provide suggestion action steps to address anything meaningful which is out of line. The controller should be able to create and finalize a full system of checks and balances to identify any inputs which are not adding up (before providing reports), identify root causes to ensure mistakes are identified early and not repeated. Finally, the Controller should be able to articulate any change in direction for how things are entered into our ERP to the accounting team and to the ERP company. We need help with revenue and cash flow projections/forecasts and help to identify where (which products) we should invest.

The position is remote and includes managing a team of bookkeepers in Israel.

Experience managing inventory is required and experience in e-commerce is a plus.

Resumes to [email protected]


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