Photos of the Lego Exhibition


Photos of the Lego Exhibition

Hi Everyone!

This afternoon, I read a posting about a one day Lego exhibition

at Dcity in Mishor Adumim. Due to the heat, I was not planning to

go anywhere today but I gave it some thought and I decided to call

an air conditioned cab instead of taking 2 buses.

The exhibition was in the air conditioned food court.

Each exhibit was done by a Lego hobbyist.

It was great seeing the creative models that they built with the

same plastic pieces that I played with many, many years ago.

After I walked around the exhibits, I went outside the mall to see

the Shuk Ramle which comes to Dcity every Monday and Friday.

Walking around in a modern mall and then entering an old style

marketplace made me smile. Afterwards, I went back into the mall

to look at a sculpture exhibit. At the end of my walk, I paid a quick

visit to Max - a large discount store.

I took a cab home and I posted the photos at:

Enjoy the photos.

Please share. Thank You!

Have a good night,


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