Free Jewish Classes on a Variety of Topics ONLINE - We Learn


Free Jewish Classes on a Variety of Topics ONLINE - We Learn

When Torah Meets Tech!

When Covid-19 hit and the world started to shut down, everyone scrambled to figure out how to resume life as normally as possible, albeit virtually. Schools and work-places switched to zoom and tele-health became the standard. Although many of these innovations were clearly only band-aids tiding us over until we could resume in-person contact, certain lifestyle changes have been greatly welcome and may long outlast the time of Corona.

One such change is the explosion of live Torah content available online since the start of the pandemic in March. Of course, there has long been a plethora of online Torah content and yet obviously no pre-recorded shiur can ever compare to participating in a live shiur at your local shul.

A new and innovative website called We Learn ( has made the next best thing possible by being a one stop resource for live zoom shiurim. Whether it be your local community Rav or world-renowned speakers like Charlie Harary or Rabbi Akiva Tatz, We Learn has over 130 inspirational speakers teaching live Torah classes, many offered daily or weekly.

Many people prefer attending live shiurim online as it gives them the ability to interact with the speaker and ask questions and offers the human connection that we all need.It also gives the extra push to actually tune in as opposed to pre-recorded shiurim which we may always be planning on eventually listening to but we may not actually get to do it. One major boon is the accessibility of incredible speakers from all parts of the globe. You may not normally be able to hear Rebbetzin Tzipporah Heller or Rav Gav Friedman live but on We Learn you can regularly tune into internationally based top-notch speakers and participate in their live classes. You can ask questions and build connections in a way that was previously unheard of.

We Learn is completely free and has an extremely user-friendly interface. With a couple of clicks you can feel like you’re in a small, intimate, live chaburah with some of the top speakers in today’s frum world. In these days leading up to Rosh Hashanah, there is an abundance of material to inspire you and help prepare you for the Yamim Noraim.

During these incredibly challenging times let us hold on to the Torah learning and inspiration wherever we find it and these days it may be right in the comfort of your own home.

Check out We Learn ( for a Torah learning experience fit for 2020.