Branding Design for Non-Designer Business Owners and Freelancers


Branding Design for Non-Designer Business Owners and Freelancers

Design for Non-Designers 101 is where you learn how to design the branding for your business, so that you come across as properly professional even without paying for a full Branding Package.

The course will give you the knowledge, tools, inspiration and support on your journey to creating professional graphics for your business, even without your being a Graphic Designer.

Because looking professional makes a big difference. If your brand is going to succeed, you need to build your authority, come across as a professional who can be trusted, and show yourself as you’d like to be seen.

Join “Design for Non-Designers 101” and learn about Branding, how to choose colors and fonts, Images, and how to make sure all your visuals stay consistent. You’ll finish the course with a ready-to-use logo and branded materials, all created using a simple step-by-step system that leaves no gaps.

This course is made to fit into a busy schedule. Modules and lessons are bite-size, and you have access to the course material “forever”.

Contact me at [email protected] gmail dot com for more details!