Expressive Arts Workshops


Expressive Arts Workshops
Physical 17/11/2022 17/11/2022 Starts 20:00 Ends 21:30 50 NIS
[email protected] 0503040788
Har nof

Upcoming Expressive Art Workshops for Women!

1. Mandala Art Workshop

Mandala is an ancient and natural symbol for wholeness and harmony. An art mandala is known to be a reflection of one’s inner world. It can be used as a process for self-expression, relaxation and understanding in a deep way.

In this workshop for women, participants will create their own mandala and discover the gifts it brings. You will be guided with specific prompts and questions for personal reflection of your mandala in order to gain insight and explore inner wisdom and connection. This workshop will cover the basics of mandalas as well as advanced techniques to go deeper. Group sharing is optional but gently recommended. No prior art experience necessary!

Date: Thursday November 17th, כג חשון
Time: 8pm to 9:30 pm
Cost: 50 shekels (reduced from 60)

Location- Rechov Agassi, Har Nof, Jerusalem


2. Therapeutic Art Workshop

An empowering four week workshop for women to enjoy a creative and welcoming space to gain insight, promote expression and release tension and blocks.

Through art activities, writing, EFT tapping and tools from IFS you will be guided to reclaim your authentic self and embrace the parts of you that are calling to be noticed.

The group will be small and closed to new participants once it starts. After the four weeks there will be an option to continue and for new members to join.

Date: Sunday November 20th כו חשון for four consecutive weeks.

Time: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Cost: 300 shekels (280 shekels for people who have come to a previous workshop)

Location- Rechov Agassi, Har Nof, Jerusalem

Registration is required

For more information on either of these workshops or for individual art therapy or EFT sessions contact Yannah:

Phone: 050 304 0788 | Email: [email protected] |


Yannah Fraidel Popovitz has an M.A. in Expressive Arts Therapies from Lesley College and is a certified EFT practitioner. She has extensive experience working with a wide range of populations.

“Make Time to Create!”

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