US-ISRAELI Accountant


US-ISRAELI Accountant
Part Time, Full Time, Freelance / Contractor, Work from home

Are you Israeli company that has to adhere by the US GAAP regulations?

Are you looking for an accountant/ bookkeeper that if Fluent in English & Hebrew?

Then I would love to work with you...

I love accounting and I enjoy bringing value to a business. I believe it is important to bring value to the table that is no less than thorough, accurate & diligent work.

My Accountant role usually involves two comprehensive tasks:

  • Books’ cleanup: I collect and trace accounting transactions for individuals & business entities and bringing their books up to date. Books’ cleanups require more advanced technical skills and knowledge, such as sales tax, accounting research, audits, and finding financial discrepancies while knowing how to apply GAAP during recording.
  • Improve profitability through procedures implementations, education, and follow-up: for the books to stay “clean”, record keeping & accounting procedures must be implemented through constructive training of procedures. Providing accounting teams & employees expert technical advice to minimize human error and increase efficiency within the accounting department.