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2,000 NIS 12+ Rooms
Floor 3 12 m² Elevator, Handicap Accessible, AC, Renovated, Furnished Agent 0524742477 Idan maor
יוסי בן יועזר 46\9 ירושלים

The work environment must allow business owners and employees to continue to enjoy a quality and comfortable work environment without dealing with unnecessary bureaucracy. Only net work. New professions that did not exist in the past ranging from independent media people, technology ventures, therapists, coaches who need a small and intimate office. Beyond the favorable economic conditions that constitute a consideration in choosing a small and comfortable office the lounge offers offices that constitute an incubator for entrepreneurs and freelancers. In recent years, Jerusalem has become the capital of innovation and entrepreneurship and it can be seen that the city is growing an impressive community of freelancers who need the response of small offices.