Rabbi Sacks z"l – A thought-provoking essay by Rabbi Cardozo


Rabbi Sacks z"l – A thought-provoking essay by Rabbi Cardozo

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo has published a memorial essay on his friend and colleague Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in this week’s Jerusalem Post. The essay offers a deep appreciation of Rabbi Sacks and a thought-provoking analysis of what current Judaism needs.

“…Rabbi Sacks became a world-class teacher. Where we rabbis feared to go, he traveled on his own... His confidence in the power of Judaism and its infinite wisdom enabled him to enter the lion’s den, taking on famous philosophers, sociologists, scientists, religious and secular thinkers and showing them that Judaism had something to teach that they couldn’t afford to miss if they wanted to be at the forefront of religion, philosophy and science. He showed us that science had to justify itself in the eyes of religious belief, and not just the other way around.”

Read this important essay here: https://www.cardozoacademy.org/faith_and_defiance/faith-defiance-in-memory-of-lord-rabbi-jonathan-sacks-z-l/

Shabbat Shalom,

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