Marketing and Outreach Coordinator


Mar 21, 2024 | Jobs | Marketing | National
Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
Freelance / Contractor


New York Marketing Agency, White Bull Media , is seeking a part-time contractor in Israel to serve as a vital liaison between us and the Israeli nonprofits we support. This role requires someone capable of effectively documenting the activities, events, and success stories of these organizations to aid our marketing and fundraising efforts in the US. The ideal candidate is fluent in Hebrew, deeply understands both American and Israeli cultures, and is proficient in capturing content with simple tools like a smartphone.


As we've expanded our collaborations with Israeli nonprofits, we've recognized a significant communication gap. Our mission is to bridge this gap by collecting authentic, raw content that can be transformed into compelling materials for donor engagement and fundraising campaigns. The role is designed for individuals who are organized, good with deadlines, and can manage expectations well. It offers flexibility in hours, requiring availability for occasional travel within Israel to gather content.


The position does not demand professional photography or videography skills but does require the ability to capture the essence of nonprofit work in a manner that translates effectively across cultures. Communication with our team and the nonprofits will be on a weekly basis, ensuring a steady stream of content.


Compensation will be based on an agreed hourly rate. Please email [email protected] to arrange a Zoom call for the application process. We're looking for a collaborator who understands the impact of their work in connecting stories from Israeli nonprofits to a global audience. This role is an opportunity to play a crucial part in supporting causes that matter, offering a unique blend of content creation and strategic communication.


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