‘I suggest you all do it’: Tiffany Haddish urges visiting Israel


 ‘I suggest you all do it’: Tiffany Haddish urges visiting Israel


The actress, who has celebrated her Jewish ancestry, said she wanted to see the aftermath of Oct. 7 for herself.

In an Instagram Live video she shot after boarding a plane to Israel on Tuesday, actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish described the purpose of her trip, calling it “educational.”

“I need to go see for myself, I’m one of those people,” said the star of the movies “Haunted Mansion” and “Girls Trip.”

“I’m going to the Holy Land; I suggest you all do it,” she said before slurping on her drink—insisting it was orange juice and not a mimosa—in what she identified as the plane’s business class.

Haddish also said she “wanted to go meet my future man out there” and joked that she might come back with a Jewish baby.

She rapped: “On my way to Tel Aviv / then to Jerusalem / then I’m going to Dead Sea, gonna get me some / gonna have some fun here / it’s gonna be great / then I’m gonna learn about the politics.”

Haddish then asked, “Who said I wasn’t gonna go to Gaza? I said I’m going to go see with my own eyes. Got to go to Israel first.”

Noa Tishby, the actress, author producer and former Israeli special envoy for combating antisemitism, responded to Haddish with “Yes, yes, yes, yes."

Haddish's father, Tsihaye Reda Haddish, was an Eritrean Jew. She confirmed her Jewish heritage five years ago through DNA testing. She has since had a bat mitzvah with a corresponding stand-up show “Black Mitzvah.”


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