Major Update: Ma'ale Adumim Photo Gallery new layout


Major Update: Ma'ale Adumim Photo Gallery new layout

Hi Everyone!

Over the past several weeks, I changed the layout of

the Ma'ale Adumim photo gallery pages to make it easier

to view the photos and navigate the site on smart phones,

tablets and computers.

The main index is now divided into four pages:

2019-2021, 2014-2018, 2010-2013, 2001-2009

The 16,425 photos cover Ma'ale Adumim people,

places, events and activites over the

past 20 years including:

Purim Parades and Happenings

Second Hakafot

Shul and Torah Dedications

A.H.A.V.A. Readathon Awards Ceremonies

Children's Sukkot Parades

Lag Ba'omer Parades

Dekel Fairs to Raise Money for the Soldiers

Good Deeds Days

Flora and Nature Photos

Hebrew Book Week

Packaging Yashar LaChayal Food Baskets for Needy

Olim Arts and Food Festivals

Dog Days, Snow Days, Family Days and many more....

You can view all of the above at:

Ma'ale Adumim Photo Gallery


Please Share. Thank You!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Have a good night,



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