My great-grandfather - Pinchas Tzvi Grayevsky-Jerusalem


My great-grandfather - Pinchas Tzvi Grayevsky-Jerusalem

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Rav Pinchas Mordechai ben Rav Tzvi Grayevsky z"l,

my maternal great-grandfather, was born in Jerusalem in 1873.

He lived in the old city of Jerusalem from 1873-1932.

He was a well known Jerusalem historian.

Between 1896 and 1926 he wrote over 600 articles for newspapers in Israel and

abroad under different pen names. He collected historical Jerusalem documents,

biographical sketches, articles about institutions, events and life of the old

Jewish yishuv in Jerusalem. His research was published in many Hebrew booklets

and books. Titles include: "B'not Tzion VeYerushalim", "B'not Tzion

HaMetzuyanot", "Zichronot Kedumim", "MiGinzei Yerushalaim", "Zichron LaChovevim

HaRishonim", "Avnei Zikaron", "K'neset Yerushalaim", "Sefer HaZikaron" and


Here is one item that leaves an impression:

From 1948 to 1967 Jordan occupied the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world:

Har HaZeitim - Mount of Olives. Jewish burials were halted, massive vandalism

took place, and 40,000 of the 50,000 graves were desecrated.

King Hussein permitted the construction of the Intercontinental Hotel at the

summit of the Mount of Olives together with a road that cut through the

cemetery which destroyed hundreds of Jewish graves, some from the First Temple


The destruction was unbridled and premeditated. Ancient tombstones were ripped

out to be used as latrine floors, urinal walls and pavement stones. Garbage was

regularly dumped on the tombs.

After the Six-Day War, restoration work began, and the cemetery was re-opened

for burials. My mom, z"l, told me that the Israeli government used my great

grandfather's research to reconstruct many of the graves and tombstones on Har


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