All you wanted to know about Mizmor 119 - this Tuesday on Zoom


All you wanted to know about Mizmor 119 - this Tuesday on Zoom
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 02/03/2021 Starts 19:15 Ends 20:15

This lecture is part of a series every Tuesday until April 13; see the details of this week’s shiur below.

The Narrative of Sefer Tehillim - with Rabbi Dr. Beni Gesundheit

Torah in Motion and 929 present a 30-part series, every Tuesday at 7:15pm Israel time. The classes are FREE and run for one hour.

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This week’s shiur:

Mizmor 119: Structure, Meaning and Context

176 Verses – Identifying the Narrative of the Longest Mizmor in Tehillim

This Mizmor praises the Torah in a seemingly monotonous, repetitive 8-fold alphabetic order. Is this merely a long collection of reiterative verse? Why is it placed between the Egyptian Hallel and the collection of Shir Hamaalot?

The contextual interpretation (illustrated throughout the course) will be applied to identify the narrative and messages of this long mizmor (comprising 22 units of 8 verses). Additionally, the perfect positioning of Mizmor 119 between the Egyptian Hallel (113-118) and the Shirei Hamaalot (120-135) will be addressed, as will its correlation with the beginning and end of the entire book of Tehillim.


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