New Restaurant Vouchers Are Up On Beteavone.Com: Save Up To 50% Eating Out!


New Restaurant Vouchers Are Up On Beteavone.Com: Save Up To 50% Eating Out!

The new restaurant vouchers are up on You can save up to 50% at your favorite kosher restaurants around the country. 

Make sure to check out the next time you want to eat a great meal out. also recently launched home delivery service from selected restaurants in English and French! Instead of trying to order online in Hebrew from complicated menu apps that go back and forth, on Beteavone Delivery, everything is designed to make your life easier. Just 60 seconds, in English, and you have lunch or dinner ordered. Choose from more than a dozen Tel Aviv kosher restaurants, offering sushi, pizzas, hamburgers and gourmet meals, with discounts of up to 25% on your order. Amazing! Treat yourself nicely and try the Beteavone Delivery Experience. 

Take a Wok is a Beteavone Delivery's first restaurant in Jerusalem, offering different types of amazing noodles dishes.

This restaurant is the brainchild of the Chef of Jerusalem's famous Asian restaurant Sheyan, with Chinese, Japanese and Korean influences, but more like Street food. 

This restaurant has the best fresh ingredients, and dishes which are served very quickly as they are prepared in a wok in front of the eyes of the customers.

The online menu is really simple, so you can personalize your dish- noodles, meat, sauce, and toppings and you're done!


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