FREE video presentations this week!


Feb 23, 2020 | Events | Jerusalem & Area
FREE video presentations this week!

The Israel Center is pleased to offer the following very special video presentations — AT NO CHARGE! Israel Center, 22 Keren HaYesod St; 560-9100


Mon, Feb 24 - 2:00 - Flames of Revolt - The Story of the Irgun (1990) - Actions which caused British to vacate Palestine, rescue of thousands of Jews in immigration operations, execution of Irgun fighters, bombing of King David Hotel, breakout from Acre Prison, Altalena tragedy and more. (1¾ hrs)

Sponsored by Beinish Frankel in memory of his Parents, Leah Yenta bas Shmuel and Gershom ben Yissackerber, on their wedding anniversary and his Father’s birthday, both on February 22, which is also his Hebrew birthday AND the anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah! This happens once in 50 years!

Tues, Feb 25 - 2:00 - The First Israeli In Space - On his 16th Yahrzeit, documentary on Colonel Ilan Ramon a”s, Israel's first astronaut. (Hebrew/English subtitles-1¼ hrs)

Sponsored byBarry Kreisberg with hope that Jews around the world will do Teshuva and return to Israel

Wed, Feb 26 - 2:00 - Hollywoodism - Jews, Movies and the American Dream (1998) - Story of the creators of Hollywood - all Jewish immigrants! Beginnings of film industry were influenced by the Eastern European Jewish culture of the movie moguls. “They wanted to reinvent themselves as Americans. In the process, they reinvented America.” (1¾ hrs)

Sponsored by Sarah Fishman in memory of her Father who introduced her to Hollywood in its golden days of great films, directors, actors and actresses