Back-End Developer - Work From Home


Back-End Developer - Work From Home
Work from home

Back-End Developer - Work From Home


Back End/Database Development/Integrations

Architect and estimate small and medium size solutions

Build solutions/modules based on Magento 2 environment

Install & configure Magento extensions

Write modules according to best Magento practice

Improved time management (task estimation/planning and time logging)

Extend 3rd party Magento modules

Configure local/on-premise web-server according to best deployment strategy practice

Troubleshoot DNS & Email

Install/troubleshoot SSL certificates


Write user documentation for Magento, 3rd party and custom features

Review, document, and clean up junior developers' code 


5+ years experience with PHP

5+ years experience with MySQL

Good understanding of OOP and MVC

2+ years of experience with Magento 2.

2+ years of experience setting up and administering production linux environments and configuration of web servers (nginx/apache, php-fpm, mysql)

Proficiency with GIT

Full time/ some US hours

Work from home

To apply click!/1903e308-7523-41db-9fcf-6d2002cb0998/detail or email [email protected]

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