New Services at Vitality Health and Fitness by Rachel


New Services at Vitality Health and Fitness by Rachel

Rachel Koenigson offers a wide range of wellness services. She has recently started Chinese nutrition therapy in addition to her acupuncture, massage therapy, facial acupuncture and face yoga therapy services. 

Rachel now serves her clients at the new YMCA Sports Center in Jerusalem. Her personal training service is available at the King David Hotel Fitness Center. 

We spoke to Rachel for some more information on her services. 

Tell us about your new Chinese nutrition therapy service.

Chinese nutrition therapy is a combination of macrobiotics, Chinese medicine and ayruvedic methods to help heal the body of ailments that may occur from neglect, overuse, and external factors. 

Is there any connection between that and acupuncture?

Acupuncture and nutrition therapy are very connected. Acupuncture helps the body heal itself by stimulating the different systems to work properly. If we abuse our bodies by eating the wrong food, acupuncture and western medicine become a band-aid since we aren't changing our habits. Chinese nutrition therapy breaks the "bad habits” and helps the body fully recover and heal.    

Who would you recommend it for?

Anyone who has digestive issues, dermatological issues, infertility, insomnia, headaches, arthritis... the list can go on and on.  

How does it differ from going to a regular nutritionist?

Nutritionists focus on helping cure different ailments through diet and supplements, mainly Western-Medicine based. 
Chinese Nutrition Therapy uses Eastern Medicine means of diagnosis and herbal medicine as well as the different
attributes of the food we eat to help the body cure itself in a more holistic way.

Tell us about the new YMCA sports center and the services you provide there?

The new YMCA sports center is the largest state-of-the-art fitness, sport and recreational center in Israel. It has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and an interfaith coexistence. 

I work in conjunction with the 4D Physio office run by Stephen Hodes, one of the leading physiotherapists in Jerusalem. 

I offer acupuncture, Chinese nutrition therapy, facial acupuncture, face yoga therapy and massage therapy services, employing a staff of highly qualified massage therapists. 

What can clients expect from an acupuncture or facial acupuncture session? 

Acupuncture is needling different areas on the body that correspond to inner organs which helps the body speed up its natural healing process. Facial acupuncture adds needles on the face to help rejuvenate the skin, smooth out wrinkles and scars and bring back your youthful glow!

Tell us about your massage therapy services.

Having been a massage therapist for the last 13 years, it’s very exciting to be expanding my business and adding highly qualified therapists to my staff. We focus not just on pampering but on helping relieve aches and pains from stress or injuries. 

Do you have a special focus in your personal training service?

My niche is post-menopausal women, exercise for pain relief and for osteoporosis sufferers. I combine Pilates and strength training to aid in rehabilitation and overall fitness. 

You can contact Rachel via Facebook at Vitality: Health and Fitness by Rachel or 054-787-2151.

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