Connecting With People--Part 2


Connecting With People--Part 2
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 24/12/2020 Starts 20:30 Ends 21:15
[email protected] 052--7637029

Connecting With People
Part 2-- Representational Systems-- showing that you truly care and understand

---Even when you really do care, people may perceive what you say as mere lip service.
---In this seminar we will learn how to express your concern in a way that people will know that you are being sincere.
---This can make a big difference to them and in your relationship with them.

given by Rabbi Shlomo Kory
certified NLP Master-Practitioner
over 20 years experience

Men's seminar: ---this Thursday, ט' טבת, Dec. 24
Women's seminar:---Thursday, טז' טבת, Dec. 31.
in Israel: from 8:30 --9:15 PM
in USA: from 1:30--2:15 EST.

The seminar is FREE, but pre-registration is required!

*To register or for more information:*
: [email protected]


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